Socket Preservation Technique and Delayed implant Placement in Maxillary Anterior Region: A Case Report

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Mayur Kaushik, Pragya Singh, Subuhi Mudussar, Mrinalini Agarwal


Background: Immediate implant placement many a times is not possible due to thin or non-existing buccal cortical plates. Immediate implant placement with different angulation can be done but chances of success are less. Socket preservation compensates for the resorption of the buccal cortical plate. Socket preservation should be considered when implant placement needs to be delayed for patient or site-related reasons. The ideal healing time after socket preservation and before implant placement is six months.Socket preservation can help to lessen the need for bone augmentation in the future. By allowing placement of implant in a more prosthetically correct position (less deep apically and with less palatal angulation), it increases the chances of long-term survival of the implant.

Case presentation: This case report describes socket preservation in #21 region using Freeze dried bone allograft followed by Maryland prosthesis. After assessing the healing period of 5 months implant placement was done followed by second stage surgery after 4 months of waiting period for osseointegration to take place. Then impression was made in the Department of Prosthodontics and a subsequent prosthetic crown was delivered with angulated abutment.

Conclusion: The present case report suggests that socket preservation is the treatment of choice in cases where immediate implant placement has to be avoided because of thin buccal cortical plates.

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