Prevalence of Protozoal Intestinal Parasite among Children in Babylon Province. Iraq

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Jawad K. Ali, Zahraa F. Manji, Marwa K. Abd-Al Kareem


A total of hundred and thirty-eight child  were examined , during period from October 2021 - May 2022 to detect prevalence of protozoal intestinal parasite . Out of 138 child examined , fifty-one child were infected with different protozoal intestinal parasites (37%) . The study exhibited that 27 child were infected with Entamoebahistolytica(19.6%) while 17 child found infected with Giardia lamblia(12.3%) .Two only found infected with Cryptosporidium parvum(1.4%) . Five patients show mixed infection with E.histolytica and C.parvum(3.6%) . According to seasons of the year, Spring show high infection during April and May (52.9% and 60% respectively) . In concern to gender , males found more infected than females but without significant differences (40.7% and 29.8% respectively) . Rural patients show infection more than those from urban residences on level P>0.05 (45.9% and 26.6% respectively). The age category more than 12 years old show so high rate of  infection on level of P>0.01 than those less than 5 years old .(80% and 25.8% respectively )

.Consistency of stool and severity of infection with parasite also studied .

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