A Study to Compare Differences in Hematological Abnormalities in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Extra- Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Kailash Charel, Mukesh Singh Tomar, Dharmendra Katariya, Smriti Pandey, Dhruvendra Pandey


Introduction: Hematological abnormalities are relatively common in severe pulmonary and extra –pulmonary tuberculosis  and it is emphasized that   body weight loss, white blood cell count, hemoglobin level and erythrocyte sedimentation rate are useful indices of severity of tuberculosis and the return of these indices to a normal level is a good indication of disease control. Aim& Objective: To study and compare hematological profile of pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis patients. Material and methods: A  cross sectional study of 100 patients diagnosed clinically to be suffering from various forms of tuberculosis were carried in the outdoor and indoor section of  department  of  medicine of a tertiary care health care institute of central India. Results: Anemia   was the most common hematological abnormality observed in all groups in our study. cough with expectoration is present in 98% of patients of pulmonary tuberculosis and 37% of pulmonary tuberculosis had associated hemoptysis and 18% and 15% patient had associated altered consciousness and breathlessness respectively. 30% of patients of extra pulmonary tuberculosis had thrombocytopenia where as only 2% of patients of pulmonary tuberculosis had thrombocytopenia. Conclusion: Neutrophilic Leucocytosis and Thrombocytosis though were present in both but were comparatively more in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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