Prospective Study of Antibiotics Utilization in Multi Speciality Hospitals in Narasaraopet at Guntur District, Andhrapradesh

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Ch. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Jaykar B, B. S. Venkateswarlu, R. Margret Chandira, K.P. Sampath Kumar


Drug utilization research holds a crucial place in the clinical practices as it forms that the basis for making amendments in the drug dispensing policies at local and national levels.The ultimate goal of such research to facilitate rational drug use. Also, since it helps in developing strategies to utilize health resources in the most efficient manner, it is particularly needed in a developing economics of India, were 72% of all health care burdens is borne by the patients. The reference standard for drug utilization is WHO ATC/DDD (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical/Defined daily dose) methodology. For each drug and route of administration, defined daily dose (DDD) is defined by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics and Methodology as the assumed average maintenance adult dose per day for its main indication.The DDD therefore is an international unit serving for international or regional comparisons.Rational drug use is an important factor to be checked for the optimal benefit of drug therapy in patient care. In India, many factors like illiteracy poverty, use of multiple health care system, drug advertising and promotion, sale of prescription, competition in medical and pharmaceutical market place and limited availability of drug information are the main reasons for not achieving the optimal health care.  Self- medication, medical advice from layperson or suggestions by pharmacist related to treatment of various ailments is prevalent in developing countries.Study Method This study was Conducted In  Various Multi specialty Hospital Narasaraopet ,Guntur ,Andhrapradesh ,In our study, among 2963 patients,  Data are collected 1425( 48.1%)were Males and 1538( 51.9%) were Females. All These Patients are Following Departments, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Gynecology, Orthopedics Department, In this Study Total 1923 Antibiotics are Prescribed and Most of The Antibiotics Prescribed In General Medicine 939 (48.8) Less Number Of Antibiotics Prescribed in Gynecology Department 80(4.1) . In this Study Amoxicillin is most number Drug Prescribed 150 (7.8%) and mostly Prescribed drugs according to category Penicillin’s 377 (19.6) CONCLUSION: Study provides the information about the prospective study of antibiotics utilization in multi specialty hospital. It has helped to identify irrational prescribing patterns of drugs in various departments like  General Medicine, Pediatrics,  Pulmonology, Gynecology Orthopedic Departments

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