Overview on Covaxin and Covisheild

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P. Palanisamy, Kavya. T, Parameshwari.S, Dhamodhara Prasad.V, Margret Chandira.R


Various approaches have been explored to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite the fact that the period of protection is unknown, vaccine development is high on their priority list. Vaccines have been tested in clinical trials in a number of countries, with encouraging results. The effectiveness of vaccinations as well as their short- and long-term side effects are major concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic, which is likely to be the most devastating in the last 100 years after the Spanish flu, necessitates a rapid assessment of multiple approaches for competence in eliciting protective immunity and safety in preventing unwanted immune-potentiation, which plays a key role in the virus's pathogenesis. This review aims to give an overview of the efforts devoted to developing an effective vaccine for this novel coronavirus that has crippled the global economy, human health, and life. This study examines the latest recent evidence on 12 vaccines.Evaluate their efficacy, safety profile, and application in various demographics.

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