Effect of Soforoflavonoside and Narcissine Flavonoids on the Amount of Malon Dialdehyde and Cytochrome---Oxidase Enzyme, A Product of Peroxidation of Lipids in Rat Liver Mitochondria Poisoned by Galoxifop-R-Methyl Pesticide

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Parpieva M.J., Mirxamidova P., Pozilov M.K.


In this study, the effects of sophoraflavonolonoside and narcissine flavonoids on the amount of malon dialdehyde and cytochrome---oxidase enzyme activity of the liver mitochondria lipid peroxidation oxidation of rats poisoned with galoxyphop-R-methyl pesticide were studied for 10,20,30,40 days. The experimental group was administered to rats haloxyphop-R-methyl pesticide LD50 1/10 dose through a special probe. After administration of galoxifop-R-methyl pesticide, the animals were administered orally at a dose of 10 mg / kg of soforaflavonolonoside and narcissine flavonoid once a day for 10 days for correction.

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