Clinical Profile and Outcome of Post COVID Mucormycosis Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre in Kumaon Region, India

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Dr. Rashmi Malhotra, Dr. Nitin Mehrotra, Dr. G. S. Titiyal


Objective – To study clinical profile and outcome of post COVID mucormycosis patients in a tertiary care centre in Kumaon region,India

Methods - A retrospective observational study conducted at tertiary care centre Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India  between May18, 2021 and July2, 2021 in current, recent, or remote history of COVID19 with diagnosed mucormycosis.

Results - 31 patients presented with mucormycosis, 29 had association with COVID-19,out of which 6 were active cases of COVID-19 and 23 were post COVID. All the patients had sino-nasal involvement and ethmoid sinus  was the most common sinus affected. Intra-orbital extension was seen in 53 per cent of cases out of which 39% were 3c category while intracranial extension was seen in 20 per cent. Diabetes mellitus was present in 26 of 31 cases. Around 38% patients had history of oxygen therapy ( NRM/cannula) and 47% had  history of steroids use. Around 13% underwent surgery,despite the use of liposomal Amphotericin B therapy .Surgery mainly consisted of exentration with or without open maxillectomy and ethmoidectomy

Conclusion - The association between coronavirus and mucormycosis is a life threatening complication. Uncontrolled diabetes and over-zealous use of steroids are two main factors aggravating the illness. Despite all the medical and surgical efforts the illness carries high mortality rate. As we are learning more about the new and long-term manifestations of the Covid-19 infection, further research is required to establish if COVID19 itself predisposes to mucormycosis.

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