Title: Comparison of incidence of maxillary tuberosity fracture during third molar extraction using warwick james elevator and cryer’s elevator. A split mouth study

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Dr. Alladi Sneha, Prof Dr. Hemavathy O . R Muralidoss, Dr . Pradeep Dhasarathan


AIM : The aim of our study is to discover the incidence of tuberosity fracture in Maxillary third molar exodontia using Warwick James and Cryer’s elevator.


Maxillary third molars exodontia are unchallenging due to their prevailing fusion of roots, aiding ease of removal of the same . Despite the fact that maxillary third molar exodontia are unchallenging , the frequently encountered complication of the same is Maxillary tuberosity fracture , which is believed to have a considerable influence on the patient outcome


This randomised split - mouth study was conducted by the department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery , Saveetha Dental College , Chennai. The study’s pool of participants consists of 30 patients. 30 patients were segregated to Group A and Group B. Group A had patients undergoing right maxillary third molar exodontia using Warwick James elevator . Group B had patients undergoing left maxillary third molar exodontia using Cryer’s elevator. All extractions were performed by one surgeon and one person was assigned to collect the data.

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