Effectiveness of Green Tea and Aloe Vera on Postoperative Sequelae in Orthodontic Extraction of Premolars- A Double-Blinded Randomized Control Clinical Trial

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Dr.Vedha vivigdha, Dr. Senthil Murugan P, Dr. Santhosh Kumar



Recent interest and advances in the field of alternative medicine have promoted the use of various herbal and natural products for multiple uses in the field of dentistry. Aloe vera is found to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects. On the other hand, green tea rich in tannin has astringent, hemostatic, and better healing properties.


       To check the effectiveness of aloe vera and green tea extract on postoperative sequelae in therapeutic extraction of premolars.


       The sample size is 5 0 patients Undergoing bilateral extraction of premolars Gauze soaked in the gel at 14 extraction socket plain gauze placed in 24 extraction socket Reviewed after 3rd and 7th days.

DISCUSSION;   Out of 50 patients undergoing therapeutic extraction, aloe vera gel, and green tea extract, the placed socket showed better healing when compared to the socket where normal gauze is placed. Post-treatment pain and discomfort are found to be minimal in case groups.  

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