Investigation of the Laws of Adsorption Purification and Bleaching of Cottonseed Oils on the Developed Adsorbents

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Dilnoza S. Salixanova, Maftuna S. Sadullaeva, Dildora T. Ruzmetova, Dilafruz S. Sagdullaeva


In this article, the patterns of adsorption bleaching of cottonseed oils in the developed adsorbents are studied.

It has been established that the analysis of the dependences obtained allows us to conclude that the process of adsorption of gossypol, chlorophyll and their derivatives by the bentonite adsorbent "Jakhon" proceeds in a mixed diffusion mode. In this case, both pore and external diffusion affect the adsorption kinetics.

It is determined that the thermal effect is one of the main factors that increase the efficiency of adsorption. However, it was previously shown that carrying out adsorption refining at high temperatures (more than 100 ℃) does not allow obtaining high-quality oils.

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