Comparing the Effectiveness of Diclofenac Patch vs Oral Diclofenac in Conservative Pain Management in Maxillofacial Trauma

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Dr. Jayaindhraeswaran .J, Dr. Senthil Nathan P, Dr. Arun M



The aim of the study is to calculate the efficacy of transdermal diclofenac patch vs oral diclofenac in conservative pain management in maxillofacial trauma.

Material and Method:

The objective study is done with subjects who has trauma like dentoalveolar fracture, dental implant and post operative pain management. Total 30 subjects were taken up for the study, Each group 15 patients selected. Group A subjects with dentoalveolar given transdermal diclofenac patch and Subjects belong to Group B were given oral diclofenac. The patches contain 100mg transdermal diclofenac sodium once a day was given to group A subjects and oral diclofenac tablet 50 mg give twice a day was given to group B for 3 days. Pain assessed by VAS management method in maxillofacial trauma.


In this study,  transdermal diclofenac patch is more effective than the oral diclofenac in the pain management in maxillofacial trauma. So, this patch method is supportive in kidney management, gastric bleeding.


Transdermal diclofenac patch showed potential analgesic modality for the pain management in maxillofacial trauma.

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