Management of Fusarium Root Rot Disease of Vicia Faba Using Arbuscularmycorrhiza Fungi (AMF) and Nanoparticles

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Safaa A. M. Teama, Gama lH. Rabie, Kamar M. Abd El-Hai, Nashwa S. El-Gazzar


Root rot disease caused by several complex soil-borne fungi and it is one of a major limiting factor in faba bean production. Present objective was to study the efficiency of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (AMF), chitosan and chitosan nanoparticles(NPs) as a new alternative safe control method against Fusarium root rot disease and improve physiological aspects of faba bean.Molecular Characteristics using ITS sequence of the tested Fusarium isolate identity it proved to be Fusarium oxysporum. Pathogenicity test has proved that, Fusarium oxysporum has the ability to cause seed rot; pre-emergence infection, post emergence damping-off and root rot disease. Generally, the mycorrhizal infection decreased the harmful effect of the pathogen as compared with non-mycorrhizal plant. Moreover, all tested chitosan treatments also reduced the injurious effect of soil infested with Fusarium pathogen on root rot disease. Chitosan nanoparticles were superior in decreasing disease parameters followed by fungicide under both mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal plants except for disease severity under non-mycorrhizal plant where fungicide came first. Chitosan NPs have high antifungal effect more than natural chitosan and fungicide and more effective when combined with mycorrhizal fungi than without it. In addition to low concentration of chitosan NPs have high effect than high concentration of natural chitosan and high conc. of chitosan NPs. Also, chitosan and chitosan NPs enhancement the growth parameters, mineral content, the mycorrhizal root colonization, photosynthetic pigments and have induction impact in defense related enzyme activity and total phenol contents under infected with Fusarium oxysporum compared with healthy plants. Therefore, these data are recommended to use mycorrhizal plants and chitosan nanoparticles at 1000 ppm to overcome the injurious effects of Fusarium root rot and enhancing growth and physiological activities of faba bean plant.

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