Effect of the Use of a Probiotic Based on Bacillus Subtilis on the Growth Parameters of Broiler Chickens

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Mamatova Zamira Baratovna, Nasimov Shuxrat Naimovich, Safarov Xurshid Abdurajabovich, Yuldasheva Madina Kaxramonovna


The article was aimed at the effectiveness of using the local probiotic to improve the productivity of broiler chickens. Testing the effect of the drug was carried out on day-old broiler chickens of the cross Ross-308. 0,5 and 1,5 million of probiotic microorganisms were given with drinking water during the observation period in the first experiment, 100 and 200 million microbic bodies – in the second. The following indicators were taken into account: the safety of the livestock, the live weight of the chickens. According to the results of the experiments, the positive effect of the probiotic (profit 121%) on the productivity of broiler chickens in relation to the chickens of the control group was determined. A priority method of supplying probiotic was established, as well as a possible daily dose of probiotic for broiler chickens (200 million microbial bodies). The safety of the livestock in the groups that received antibiotics and probiotics was 102%, in relation to the control group (1 dead). The probiotic “PP-1” prepared by us is effective for increasing the productivity of broiler chickens; it is safe for health and can be used instead of antibiotics in poultry for the prevention of infections;

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