Obtaining optimum to monitor snow depth variations using GNSS-R

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Aishwarya A, Shyam Tanna, Vedant Rana


Global warming has disturbed the balance in nature, raising temperatures resulting in scorching heat in summers, rapidly melting glaciers, calving into the oceans and retreating on land. It was noticed by NASA that the Himalayan glaciers are undergoing massive retreat, since then several efforts were made to understand the glaciers. This project focuses on how to monitor the snow variations using GNSS-R. The satellite constellation is simulated in STK (system tool kit) to establish maximum coverage of the Gangotri glacier and connectivity between the GNSS, LEO constellation and the target in 24 hrs, with the nearest ground station selection. We Developed MATLAB code to relate range values with increment in snow which can be later used to determine the snow accumulation with a range as input.

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