Experimental analysis of Waste Plastic Fuel with Diesel blend onCI Engine.

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P. Gandhi, Ramesh Dara, T. Raja Gopala Chary, Mohd.Mohinoddin


A major replacement for conventional fuels must be found due to the depletion of fossil resources and strict emission regulations. In addition, waste management policies promote the valorisation of various wastes for the creation of alternative fuels in order to reduce the difficulties of waste management.In this context,the authors proposed Waste Plastic Fuel (WPF) as an alternative fuel that was thoroughly defined and compared with traditional diesel.The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the efficiency and emissions in comparison to a diesel engineon a single-cylinder, four-stroke CI engines. The performance and emission characteristics of various amounts of the WPF-diesel blends WPF0, WPF5, WPF10, WPF15, WPF20 and WPF100 are tested by using the basic diesel results as a standard.The results of the primary research are used to determine the best combination of all the WPF-diesels examined, taking into account each one's emission characteristics, brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, braking power under load, and oxygen consumption.It has been discovered that the engine can run on Diesel-WPF and their mixes without modification and can be used as an alternative fuel for diesel engines. However, it has been shown that Diesel-WPF10 (90% diesel fueland 10% waste plastic fuel) produces comparable results to diesel.

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