Study of heavy and light minerals and free Iron oxides in sand fraction for Tigris and Euphrates rivers/Iraq

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Haider.J.Al-Ghabban, Raid.SH.Jarallah


A study was carried out on the mineral composition and free Iron oxides of the sediments of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Two soils representing the sediments of the Tigris (Al-Numaniyah) and the Euphrates (Al-Shamiya) rivers were selected. The sand was separated by a sieve whose openings were (53 microns) with and without oxides into sand separations (53-2000) µm, to prepare them for mineral examinations, the minerals of sand samples were Light sand minerals were separated from heavy minerals and their ratios were determined using the point-counting device, the morphological properties of the minerals were also determined using polarized light microscopy, and the results showed the following: 

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