The Challenges of Customers Using Mobile Banking Service: A Case Study of Mysore City

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Navya P.L, Dr. Sri Ranjini S


Delivering financial and banking services using mobile communications devices is known as mobile banking. The range of services offered may include facilities for managing accounts, executing bank transactions, and obtaining personalised data.Even now, online banking has come a long way since its inception to go because the bulk of clients prefers traditional banking methods. Reforms in the banking system, as well as the introduction of e-banking, have had positive impact on e-banking has resulted in significant structural changes in the industry. Quality of service, a managerial choice, operational performance, profitability, andbanks productivityhave all changed dramatically as a result of banking system reforms in the banking system and the implementation of online banking. There are a number of reasons that have influenced the adoption of technology in the Indian banking sector.

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