Emerging Trends in Micro Finance Delivery and Its Effectiveness

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G. Ravi Shankar, Dr. Jayanthi


The current paper features the microfinance channel of delivery and assesses the current scenario of microfinance.The microfinance analysis in this paper has been done from different perspectives. This paper the possible trends, models, and the components of microfinance as per the market of India.  As part of the discussion on the model, the SHG assumes an indispensable part in reducing poverty. It is utilized to decrease the work of laborers. Consequently, the SHGs program has been much fruitful in accomplishing amounts targets.An analysis of the finance and economic growth of micro-finance institutions has been discussed as well. This paper reported how microfinance is changing the financial institution system for the poor individuals, it reported the recent publications of the authors who discussed their views and the upcoming scope of microfinance in the country. This study reports a brief overview of the microfinance fundamental objective and how it has been changed for a few of them. Each section of this study has been cited with its respective sources.

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