Phenotypic Detection of Some Virulence Factors of Enteropathogenic E.coli Isolated from Children with Diarrhea in Alnajaf AL Ashraf / Iraq

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Anaam Mutter Bager, Ahlam Kadhum Naeem


This study aimed to investigate the ability of Enteropathogenic E. coli to produceprotease  and haemolysin.

Thirty isolates of EPEC have been isolated from children under 5 years old suffering from acute diarrhea and identified according to microscopic, cultural characteristic and biochemical. The ability of isolates to produce protease andhaemolysin have been carried out.

The results of showed that 17(56%) isolates  of EPEC have the ability to produce protease while 6(20%) isolates gave ß-αhemolysis pattern.

Conclusions:protease and haemolysin were a major virulence factors of EPEC that increase the pathogenicity of bacterial isolates.

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