Effect of Corona Virus on the Endothelial Tissue of Lungs

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Faten Abed Al-kadhem Khalaf Aldawmy, Hazim Talib Thwiny, Hassanainjwadabid al Hussein


Our current research includes shedding light on the impact of infection with the corona virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) , that known as COVID-19) , on the lung tissue represented by the epithelial layer of the alveoli, which is specifically responsible for the breathing mechanism that occurs by the human respiratory system. This effect was demonstrated by documenting chest x-ray images of patients infected with the corona virus, who presented their condition to the specialist doctor in order to confirm the infection status. It was found that the infection is represented by the white color of certain areas of the lungs, in addition to revealing the condition and severity of the infection by examining the blood in the blood pathology laboratory. The extent of the infection , for the cases that have been documented , ranges between (10% and 70%) , depending on the severity of the infections. The impact of the lungs varies according to the patient’s age and immunity, and the reason for this is due to the resistance of the immune system to this epidemic infection that spread among people as an infection that is difficult to control. The effect of infection with the corona virus on the lungs is evident through the measurement of the oxygen content of the infected patient, estimated between (40-90) according to the different severity of infection with this disease. Most of the cases were controlled and some led to the death of the some patients for one reason or another.

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