The Trend in MDR Infection and its Efficient Diagnosis by GeneXpert in Samples from Patients of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in District Okara.....A Cross-Sectional Study

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Ahsan Noor, Hussan, Muhammad Irfan Fareed, Uqba Mehmood, Rashida Perveen, Muhammad Ahsan, Hira Noor, Bilal Aslam, Muslim Kayani, Sabayyel Hassan, Rubina Dad, Muhammad Khurram, Fadia Waheed


Tuberculosis is a disease that causes high mortality and morbidity in the world. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis primarily infects the lungs but may also invade bones, kidneys, brain, and intestine. The present cross-sectional study was designed and conducted to estimate the occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis and Rifampicin (RR-Gene) Resistant Gene in patients of pulmonary tuberculosis by using GeneXpert among the population of District Okara. The study was completed in nine months from December 2020 to September 2021. Samples were collected from the pulmonary department of District Headquarters Hospital Okara. Out of 616patients 393 (63.8%) were males and 223 (36.2%) were females, 145(28.1%) individuals were positive for MTB, Males 79 (54.5%),Females 66(45.5%),141 (97.3%) for Rifampicin sensitive but only 4 (2.7%) were resistant for Rifampicin. We found results as 22 (15.1%) had very low, 40 (27.6%) low, 16 (11.03%) Medium, 4 (2.7%) moderately high, 51 (35.2%) high quantification results, while 12(8.3%) positive patients had undetectable quantification result. MTBratio was different in all areas of Punjab from where samples were collected.  The majority of the cases show no previous history at all.The demographic data were analyzed in this study to investigate the association between patient gender and age groups. Males were less likely to have MTB as compared to females (P-value <0.05). The odds of having MTB showed an increasing trend by age and the majority of the cases belonged to 51–60 years.

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