Association of Lumbar Multifidus Activity, Functional Disability and Pain Intensity among Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

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Aftab Ahmed Mirza Baig, Dr. Basit Ansari, Farhan Ishaque, Dr. Mahnaz Ahmad


Objective: To determine the association of lumbar multifidus activity, pain intensity, and functional disabilityamong patients with chronic low back pain enrolled in a randomized control trial.

Methodology: One hundred and fifty patients with chronic low back pain were assessedfor percentage of maximum voluntary contraction of lumbar multifidus (lumbar multifidus activity) through surface electromyography and questionnaire at Department of physiotherapy, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dow University of Health Sciences from March, 2020 to December, 2020. Changes in lumbar multifidus activity with percentage of maximum voluntary contraction, pain intensity Visual analogue scale (0–10cm), and functional disability with Oswestry Disability Index questionnaire score (0–100) were analyzed in Statistical Package of Social Sciences 20 for any association.

Results: The findings showedpositive significant associations of the right and left multifidus activity with intensity of pain (β= 0. 32 and 0.449, P<0.001) and functional disability (β= 0.366 and 0.491, P<0.001) with regression analysis. Pain intensity and functional disability were in positive correlation (rh= 0.761, P<0.001).

Conclusion: The painintensity and functional disability appeared affected by increased lumbar multifidus activity; the pain intensity and functional disability are significantly associated.

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