Right to Equality and Gender Justice in India

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Bibhanshu Mishra, Dr. Vivek Shukla, Mr. Sachin Kumar, Apoorvaditya Singh


Right to Equality is a right which enables every citizen of the country to be equal before law. There are various things in our day-to-day life which seems easily accessible and approachable for a common man but it is not so. We see there are many restrictions in one or the other way at every place. The temples, the mosques and even the Apex Court of the country and list goes on. Gender Justice shields women through Article 15(1), 16(2) and 42 which protects the person from injustice in terms of equality, employment and gender based benefits.

Gender justice aims at creating a life of dignity and freedom for every gender. Gender justice also includes the common activities such as sharing of powers and responsibilities at grass root levels between the men-women at households, workplaces, educational institutions, and in wider sense national and international communities.

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