Investment Communication System on the Usage of Domestic Institutional Investors’ Investments and Foreign Institutional Investors Investments on SensexMarket Capitalization After the start of Covid led Pandemic Situation

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R. Amuthan


The Investment which is carried out by Indian Mutual funds, Indian Insurance Companies, Local Pension Funds, Banking and Financial Intuitions. In India, domestic intuitional Investors have predominant role in the performance of Indian Stock Market especially when Foreign Institutional Investors are the country’s net sellers. As of March 2020, DIIs invested a cumulative Rs.55595 crores in Indian Equity Market. Before 2007, the consolidated data for domestic institutional investors was not available but after 2007, SEBI has taken an initiative and provided the consolidated data of domestic institutional investors. This study assesses the return levels of the market and buying cum selling breath on the back of DIIs Investments.

In this study, the impact of increase or decrease in DIIs investments on the increase or decrease of SENSEX points are assessed and thereby the influence of DIIs Investments in SENSEX changes is found out.

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