Automation Framework for Post Development Medical Device Application (QT/QML)

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Dr. I. Manimozhi, Dr. Swathi Y



Main objective here is to provide a solution for Post Development Automation for Medical Device applications. Image-based testing can help in solving problems observed while automating QT/QML applications wherein objects may not be accessible through locators. This solution can help the automation to step ahead and provide accurate results on medical devices on executing the scripts. Algorithms need to be generated for Image-based testing. In this paper, we will discuss the search of Sub Image in the Main Image with Scalability, Color Resolution, and partly excluded images. Images are not usually named with convenient text or element ID and it’s displayed as the image, so the images are needed to be searched by their pixel. It is important to compare reference images with the main image and to locate the pattern which we are looking for it. The pattern can be a picture of anything Number, Character, logo, building, or just a duplicate to the same image, and the search operation is to retrieve matching images with different options (scale and color).

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