A Study on the Surge in Adoption of Digital Payments Post Covid-19 with Special Reference to South Kerala

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Arun B., Krishna Ashok, Mr. Abymon A.


This study explores the influx of digital payment users in India as part of the aftermath of the covid pandemic. COVID-19 has dramatically fuelled the adoption of digital modes of payments with customers trailing away from the traditional cash and cheques by placing greater reliance on real-time and digital payments. In many markets, mobile money providers have become a vital part of the COVID-19 response, offering a much safer and socially distanced alternative to disburse payments to the public quickly, securely, and efficiently. This study takes into account whether residents of various districts in South Kerala are responding to the pandemic through the fast adoption of mobile payment apps and thus embracing digital transition. The paper also aims to provide significant insight into the various digital modes of payment and the challenges that lie ahead with digital transformation.

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