Privacy a Serious Concern: A Legal Analysis

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Swapnil Singh, Mr. Mayank Singh, Stuti Rana


The idea of privacy has been questionable concept emerges in front of Indian judicial System. The concept of privacy vague, not properly define. It is vital to critically examine the right to privacy since, at first, the right to privacy had a much-restricted scope, as it merely covered the "right to be left alone. “The object of this research article is to understand the historical background and how it evolves in Judiciary through case. This article analysis the judgement given in K.S. Puttaswamy v. Union of India, AIR 2017 SCC1, in privacy was recognized as fundamental right under Part III of Indian Constitution. This decision expanded the ambit of Article 21 (Jain, 2015), which guarantees a person the right to life and personal liberty, and incorporated the right to privacy within this article. Aside from the foregoing, the article would also cover other areas of privacy, such as phone tapping and state monitoring. The desired consequence of the study would be a better understanding of the judiciary's perspective on the right to privacy and what more has to be done as a nation in terms of the right to privacy, particularly in the digital era.

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