Preparation and Comparison of β-carotene fortified Soybean Oil and Olive Oil Quality and Storage Stability – A Challenge to ensure Nutrition Security

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Salma Ahmed, Paroma Arefin, Kanika Mondal


Background: Edible oils have greatly contributed to people's diets providing as a good source of protein, lipids, and fatty acids for nutrition, along with the healing of damaged tissues and the production of new cells, and a valuable source of energy. Therefore, vegetable oil certainly is a good carrier for vitamin A or β-carotene supplementation being a common source of essential fat and high in energy, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Objectives: In the current study, we have proposed approaches based on simple and low-cost technologies that can be used to add provitamin A to soybean and olive oil.

Methods: We have studied the stability parameters- moisture content, acid value, peroxide value and β-carotene content of the prepared oils over 12 months storage period.

Results: Our findings indicate olive oil to be more stable and retentive of β-carotene than soybean oil.

Conclusions: Our prepared oils can help prevent and/or mitigate vitamin A deficiency, which is a public health concern in a number of nations and among specific people around the world.

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