The Different Effects of the Consumption of White Tumericdecoction and Soursop Leaf Decoction on Leucorrhea among Reproductive-Age Women

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Bunga Tiara Carolin, DewiKurniati, Tiara Amelia Agustina


Background: According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2017, 25% of women of reproductive age often experience vaginal discharge; treatment therapy to reduce the problem of vaginal discharge was a non-pharmacological treatment, one of which is white turmeric decoction and soursop leaf decoction. Based on the Public Health Center data in January-July, vaginal discharge at the Cikedal Public Health Center in Pandeglang Regency increased by 122 reproductive-age women.


Objective: To determine the effect of consuming white turmeric decoction compared to soursop leaf decoction on vaginal discharge among reproductive-age women at the work area of the Cikedal Public Health Center, PandeglangRegency.

Methodology: This study was a quasi-experimental studythat used a two-group pre-test-post-test design. The sample in this study was 32 respondents consisting of 16 respondents, each from the experimental group with a purposive sampling technique. Data were analyzed using Paired T-test and Independent T-test.


Results: The results of the univariate analysis of the average pretest of white turmeric decoction were 13.94, and the average posttest value was 5.31, while the average pretest of soursop leaf decoction was 14.06 and the posttest average value was 3.94, where the most significant decline occurred on the 7th day. The bivariate analysis results of white turmeric decoction and soursop leaf decoction affect vaginal discharge problems among women of reproductive age with a significance level of 0.015. Soursop leaf decoction is more influential in overcoming vaginal discharge than white turmeric decoction in women of reproductiveage.

Conclusions and suggestions: Soursop leaf decoction is more influential in overcoming vaginal discharge in women of reproductive age. Women of reproductive age are expected to improve their behavior in maintaining the cleanliness of the feminine area and can perform treatment using non-pharmacological methods, one of which is using boiled white turmeric and boiled soursop leaves.

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