Effects of Nigella Sativa on Newcastle Disease Performance Antibodies Titer in Broilers, Iraq

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Esraa Taher Muslim, Abbas Hadi Jasim Al-Mahmoudi, Batool Kadhum Meteab


This study will look into the consequences of supplementing. Nigella sativa seeds in the diet Immunological serum tests are used to augment the immune response to the New Castle vaccine for broilers. Ross has a total of 308 one-day-old broiler chicks in his flock.The chicks were divided into four groups: For the control group (C group) (0 Nigella sativa), the second group (T1) was supplemented with 1%, the third group (T2) was supplemented with 2%, and the fourth group (T3) received 4% Nigella sativa seeds in their feed. Water and food must be provided throughout the duration of the experiment, which is thirty days. The birds were given the first and second doses of the New Castle vaccination.After 14 days, the titers of hem agglutination inhibition antibodies and the titers of antibodies in an ELISA test for these immunizations were evaluated. The results of the experiment revealed When compared to the control group, hem agglutination inhibition antibodies and new castle vaccination titers increased significantly in (T1, T2, T3) (P 0.05). The results of the ELISA test demonstrated a significant rise in New Castle vaccine titer antibodies (P 0.05). 

After primary and secondary immunization, no significant changes were identified between three groups treated with Nigella sativa seeds at doses of 1%, 2%, and 4% HI, ELISA antibody titer, respectively.

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