Effect of Heat Treatment on Rennetability of Soy and Coconut Milk Combination

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Gowrishankar L., Vaishnavi T., Bhuwana V., Poornachandrika V., Chinmay Hrithik S. N. S., Abishek M., Poojitha P., Balakrishnaraja R., Sureshkumar J.


Cheese analogues are becoming more popular due to their cost-effectiveness, which can be attributed to the ease with which they are made and the substitution of cheaper vegetable products for certain milk constituent. The rennet used for the coagulation of cheese contributes to the microstructure, visual appearance, sensory and rheological attributes of the final product. The subsequent enzymatic reaction of rennet is greatly influenced by the preheat treatment of the milk. The present review focuses on studying the renneting ability of soy and coconut milk combination by monitoring the coagulation of milk under preheat treatments. The rennetability of soy milk and coconut milkhave resulted in contradicting findings. The preheat treatment and the adjustment of pH greatly affects the rennet coagulation of the cheese milk. The review suggests the possible effects of heat treatment on rennet coagulation of soy and coconut milk combination thus paving way for newer combinations of vegan cheeses in the industry.

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