Cars Equipped with Intelligent Systems

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Imomnazarov Sarvar, Azizbek Nasriddinov, Razokov Alisher, Abduganiyev Shohruh, Soataliyev Diyorbek


The continuous evolution and development of the world in which we live in vis-à-vis the entire transport industry is constantly demanding endless and rapid advancement in vehicle performance and efficiency. This crucial and imperative need in our transportation system is not only important but also extremely essential for the present and future of road network, vehicle and user sustenance. Improvement in road and vehicle transport technology has continued to redefine the current expectations and subsequently future prospects of sustainable transport and traffic management. In this paper, the current trends and applications of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) on cars and infrastructure is discussed and reviewed. Furthermore this paper also introduces future development in ITS technology including advancement in combination of sophisticated control and communication ITS solutions and the current trends in wireless and satellite vehicle navigation system, while also exposing the existing challenges of ITS solutions.

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