Parent-Child Emotional Communication in Parents with Different Educational Backgrounds

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Priyanka Dewan, Dr. Niti Shukla, Dr. Agya Jit Singh


Good emotional communication between parent-child is one of the foundation stones of secure attachment. Parents like any other individual have their own experiences, emotions, perceptions, beliefs and values about themselves and their children. It is important for parents to be able to understand their own emotions before they interact with their children. One of the factors involved in the parents’ ability to understand their own emotions is the education level of parents. Education enables parents to have better problem-solving abilities and it also helps them in gaining a higher knowledge about their children’s emotions. The aim of this research is to study parent-child emotional communication in parents with different educational background. A questionnaire consisting of 75 questions was constructed to measureEmotional Communication. The response was assessed using a Likert Scale. The study was conducted in Ludhiana, a city situated in Punjab, India. Consent for the study was taken from both parents and children. The results suggests that fathers and mothers with low educational qualifications have a weaker emotional-communication channel than those with higher educational qualification the same is the perspective of the child for father and mother.

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