Education and Unorganised Labourers of Assam- A Study Made in Guwahati City

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Dr. Prashanta Sharma, Sangita Das


“What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education”- Mahatma Gandhi

Education is most essential for growth of any society. The culture, tradition, behaviour, language of all castes and creeds are solely dependent on education. Without education nobody can do well in life. Properly educated people build nation flourishes in every sector of the economy. It is very difficult to summarize the significance of education within few words. But when we talk about unorganised labourers, it can easily be said that most of the people working in informal sector are uneducated. In this regard it is also necessary to mention that many of them are well acquainted with skills and knowledge but because of lack of education they are badly suffering in 2020 where people are planning to move to moon. If these labourers can be made educated, they could have performed well in their sector as many of them are highly talented. Through this paper the Researchers want to discuss on the importance of education for them and try to highlight some reasons why these people show negligence to have formal education and how these thoughts can be minimised.

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