A Cross Sectional Study on Myths and Facts about COVID – 19 Vaccines among Undergraduate Medical Students

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Sowmya N, Priya Santharam, Sathish Kalyanasundaram


Introduction: The world had faced numerous pandemics previously and also the SARS-CoV 2 engraved its name into the list now. With the development of science, we could able to get vaccines for preventing the disease, but the myths hindering the rate of acceptance by the people is high. We have conducted a cross sectional study to know about the awareness of myths and facts of COVID vaccines among medical undergraduate students in South India.

Materials & Methods:  The online based cross-sectional survey was conducted through questionnaires designed in Google form among 400 undergraduate medical students in Chennai, South India after obtaining ethical committee clearance. The statistical analysis was done with SPSS software version 21.

Results: Out of the 400 study subjects, 97% believed it’s safe to get vaccination, 81% approved vaccination is essential after getting natural immunity from the disease. 81% believed to have no serious complications and 33% believed that there are no contraindications. 49% believed that children should also be vaccinated and 39% that it’s safe to give blood donation after vaccination. 32% believed that vaccines are effective against variants and 76% believed that all routine vaccination should be continued.

Discussion & Conclusion: This study reflects the opinion of group of people and hence not compared with other survey studies. But the discussion is done about the common myths with reference to CDC and WHO. Conducting survey studies will be helpful to know the hindrance for accepting the new therapies among people.

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