Concern and Issue Related IVF

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Mr. Ketan Sharma, Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Ms. Divya Upreti, Ms. Aastha Singh, Ms. Mili Bhattacharya, Prof. Kiran Sharma, Ms.Christa Mathew


In-vitro fertilization concerned factors (age, sedentary life style, Prolong Disease associated with female, lack of Correct Suitable technique, lack of proper counselling in repetitive IVF cycle, Discontinuing the Cycle if  failed,). Globally around 40% successful rate of Ivf in young female below 35 year of age, and more than 35 year of age the leads tocomplication lowIVF success needsrate to be corrected with the help of correct techniques in acceptance by the couple as per their physical parameters, awareness about the advantage, needs and disadvantage. Complication to be treated and proper education related to ART to be given to those couples who desire their own baby with the IVF

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