Child Abuse, Prevalence and Barriers Reporting It: A Review Article

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Amrita A. Sivasanker, Kiran Sharma, Chitra Diwakaran, Christa Mathews, Veena Choudhary, Anuradha, Divya Upreti


Objectives: Children were victims of violence in variety of settings be it in the hands of relatives, friend, caretakers etc. The survivors of this abuse experiences all sort of psychological effects, nightmares, delusions and nervous breakdown. This problem may persists till childhood and the child grows with manipulated development.

Materials and method:  A brief literature search in PUBMED,MEDLINE using “medical subject heading (MeSH)) terms” “child abuse and neglect” “barriers in reporting” “ child abuse consequences” “health care providers knowledge” “identification of signs”. An electronic literature search of child abuse studies conducted by using sciences Direct, Google Scholar and PsychINFO. Also, author searched the local websites and followed guidelines.

Results: The literature search on the help seeking behaviour in children have found out that they may not disclose the abuse to anyone, due to many interrelated reasons. Some may even do not take abuse has any problem and denies need for intervention. Other barriers on the part of children not able to report is due to  lack of support from the society, shame, stigma , thinking that the world will not change, no strict laws, may be normal and happens to everyone in society. If proper reporting is done by the children about the abuse they are facing that will lead to identification of the offender and may prevention of other children by that offender.

Conclusion: Any type of child abuse and neglect can have strong long term consequences leading to permanent mental impairment and emotional breakdown.

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