Benefits and Challenges of Online Learning during COVID 19 from Students Point of View: An Original Research Study

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Amrita A. Sivasanker, R. Sreeraja Kumar, Neha Brari, Alisha Talwar, Lovely Negi


The global spread of COVID-19 has triggered a range of public health responses. Schools and Universities closures are some of the highest-profile social (physical) distancing measures used to break the chain of this infectious disease. Many countries in Asia and Europe have instituted a nationwide school closure, while some US school districts and states have also closed schools.  Extensively the pandemic has changed social interaction and education is not an exception to it.  In snowballing pandemic, the need for academic continuation educational institutions have shifted rapidly to distance and online learning. A quantitative research approach  with survey research design was adopted for 100 nursing students who were enrolled by convenient sampling technique. The primary objective of the study was to assess the benefits and challenges faced by nursing students during virtual teaching and learning in corona lockdown. A self structured 5 – point likert scale was established  for data collection. The result showed that many students did not benefit from virtual teaching and learning and majority experienced challenges with technical aspect of this. The conclusion of the study was students were forced to attend online virtual classes due to pandemic, that greatly reduced their critical learning skills. Traditional methods of teaching and learning can never be replaced by online teaching learning platform.

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