Implementation Of Entrepreneurship Education In Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) Training Programme in Malaysia

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Mohd. Fairus Md. Som, Mohd. Fahmy-Abdullah1, Umi Kartini Rashid1, Mohd. Bekri Rahim


This study was conducted to investigate how entrepreneurship education is taught in the Malaysian Skills Certificate (MSC) training programme at accredited centres throughout Malaysia.As a one of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), MSC has been produced a huge number of semi and skilled workers for this country since its establishment in 1993. A total of 707 trainees who have been and are undergoing skills training in various fields have responded.A preliminary survey found that the implementation of entrepreneurship education at accredited centres is not mandatory and it is dependent on an accredited centres policy. This survey found that most public and private accredited centres provide entrepreneurship education on a scheduled basis and are embedded in the MSC programme that they offer. As for the level of entrepreneurial skills, most respondents are confident that they can startup their own business by using the skills they learned at accredited centres. However, almost all respondents stated that they still need an entrepreneurial training model to be developed in addition to the existing entrepreneurship education for the MSC programme.

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