The Optimisation of Processing Conditions Towards Kenaf Seed Extract Physicochemical Properties: An Investigation Using Response Surface Methodology

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Abdul Fattah Ab. Razak, Mohd. Zahid Abidin, Mohd. Shahril Osman, Mohd. Syafiq Abdullah, Farah Syahirah Abdul Shukri, Nurhayatie Sajali, Mohamad Saiful Sulaiman


The Box-Behnken design was employed to investigate the effects of the four factors of processing condition, namely, soaking time (150, 255 and 360 min), soaking temperature (30°C, 45°C and 60°C), grinding time (60, 90 and 120 s) and grinding water temperature (30°C, 55°C and 80°C) to assess kenaf seed extract (kse) physicochemical properties (responses) that include: colour differences, crude protein, crude fat, total soluble solid and yield. Results show that the data were adequately fitted into two second-order polynomial models and all the responses obtained were close to its predicted value. Based on the findings, the processing condition with a soaking time for 360.00 min, soaking temperature at 46.32°C, grinding water temperature at 38.31°C and grinding time for 83.39 sec yielded the best outcome. The development of such models offers an excellent foundation for optimising kse responses using response surface methodology. 

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