Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Literature Review for Digital Humanities and Knowledge Transfer in Prospect of Cultural Heritage

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Razifah Othman, Othman Ibrahim, Siti Nuur-Ila Mat Kamal, Mahadi Bahari, Rose Alinda Alias


The field of Digital Humanities (DH) has piqued people's curiosity across the globe. Collaboration between humanistic research and interdisciplinary studies in the sphere of information science and technology has resulted in insightful findings. Producing a strong and dynamic bond between economy, social, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) inventions thus bridging people towards the success of fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0). Researchers and technologists are incorporating DH and explore it’s potential in order to change the ability of our society to transfer knowledge and enhancing research perspective in preserving Cultural Heritage (CH). This study supported with tables and figures of bibliometric analysis from 228 literatures and confined the search only in mixed reality and cultural heritage with 194 articles published between 2015 and 2022. It is extracted from main respective online databases namely Scopus. This study is expected to analyze the trends in literature pertaining to Digital Humanity (DH) and its applications in Knowledge Transfer (KT) focusing mainly on Cultural Heritage (CH). The type of literatures examined, were consist of articles, proceedings, book or chapters and other scholarly publications. It is projected to fill the gap in the literature and predicts about the current and future position of mixed reality technology and potentials aspects of cultural heritage that should be explored while proposing more original applications in the research fields.

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