Feed Digestibility and Feeding Behaviour of Sheep Fed with Gracilaria sp.seaweedand Chromium Organic Supplementation

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Munasik, Wardhana Suryapratama, Agustinah Setyaningrum, Caribu Hadi Prayitno


Bioactive compound in Gracilaria sp and organic chromium supplementation could improve feed digestibility through methanogen inhibitionand increasethe effectiveness of carbohydrate metabolismand feeding behaviour of sheep. The research was for 90 days using 21 male local sheep, all aged 7 months. The research applied Completely Randomized Design (CRD) for treatments R0: 45% forage (42% native grass and 3% indigofera leaf meal) + 55% consentrate; R1 : R0 + 3.6% Gracilaria sp. meal; and R2 : R1 + 0.3 ppm Organic Cr. Data were subjected to anova and continued with Orthogonal Polynomial test. The result showed that combination of 3.6% Gracilaria sp. meal and 0.3 ppm organic Cr (R2) have increased crude fiber consumption (P<0.05) and decreasedduration of rumination (P<0.05), but no significant effect was observed on dry matter consumption, organic matter consumption, crude fiber digestibility, crude protein digestibility, and rumination frequency. Compared to control,Gracilaria sp. supplementation tends to increase crude fiber consumption but does not decrease rumination duration. Conclusively, supplementation of Gracilaria sp. meal increases crude fiber consumption without affecting theduration of rumination.

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