Men, Masculinities, and Factors that Contribute to the Bad Behavior of Men against Women

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Dr. Zamokuhle Mbandlwa


The fight against women perpetrated by men in society has been overrated without looking at factors that contribute. Naturally, men and women are not the same in many aspects but the most important aspect that contributesto the behavior is emotions and emotional intelligence. Men mostly don’t talk about how they feel while women can talk. The things that women say to their partners spark anger which could have been avoided if women were able to control their anger. Statistics have shown that most women who have been abused by men have a direct relationship. Few women have been abused, raped, and killed by men that they do not know or never met before. Therefore, ending the violence against women and women abuse is not a responsibility of one gender but a collective responsibility for both genders. Women deliberately provoke men to force men to act and get them arrested. This article is presenting a view that the issue of gender-based violence should be looked at in a microscopic sense that will be objective. Men and women have different ways of showing anger. Women shout when angry while men act physically and society looks mostly at how men act. The objective of this article was to find ways to address women's abuse and gender-based violence.  The purpose of this article was to create an awareness to the society of the contributing factors to women's abuse and gender-based violence. The research methodology applied in this study is the secondary research methodology. This study found that the law in many countries favours women more than men, this also contributesto how women behave around men, knowing that the law is favouring them.

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