Perspectives of Utilizing ‘’Azolla Caroliniana’’ Plant in Climate Conditions of Zarafshan District

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Khodjayeva Nasiba Jurakulovna, Akbarova Gulirukhsor Vafayevna, Mustafakulova Feruza, Ismoilov Dilshod Saidovich


The article presents the results of laboratory experiments to determine the optimal conditions for growing the aquatic plant Azolla carolinianain different concentrations of cow dung (5-, 10-, 15 g-m2 ) + КNО3 (2 g/l). The results of the formation of plant biomass depending on the concentration of the nutrient medium and the density of plants before and after cultivation are highlighted.

The quality and feature of flowing water leads to the growth and development of water organisms (gidrobions)here. Water organisms accelerate the purification of flowing waters. The good development of micro organism and high water plants is largely due to the chemical composition of wastewater

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