Improvement of Ecological Footprint Awareness Levels of Academy Students in the Context of Climate Crisis

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Kurthan Korutürk, Fidan Aslanova, Şerife Gündüz


This research aims to improve the ecological footprint awareness levels of teacher candidates in North Cyprus. The study group is comprised of students from Atatürk Teacher Training Academy, which is an educational institution for teacher training. The Ecological Footprint Awareness Scale, which was developed by Coşkun (2013) was used as the data collection tool. Following the pre-test data collection, the participants attended to some activities organised by the Green Steps Project. The frequency analysis and dependent variable t-test were performed on the collected data. The pre-test results concluded that the ecological footprint awareness levels of participants are at the medium level while the post-test results showed a good level of awareness. Following the related activities, this study identified that there is a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test results at the general scale and sub-dimension level, and the project activities had a positive influence on the ecological footprint awareness. Finally, this study also proposes some recommendations based on the generated results.

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