Religious Buildings in the History of Central Asian Architecture. the Appearance of the Mosque Building.

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Akramov Kozimjon Ibragimjono‘g‘li, Rahimova Gulnora Elyorqizi


Every age wants to see the image of its contemporaries. This is natural. Because the spiritual world of the people of the time, their interest in existence, in nature, is reflected in this art. Today, the rapid growth of modern design in photography is discovering new ways and new ideas. Modern design is an art form with a very broad direction and a deep philosophy. For this reason, to reveal the original ideas of the rapidly developing trends and types of modern Uzbek design, to study the philosophical and artistic views of designers working in this direction and how the changes of our time are reflected in their work. , It is our task to scientifically study the exterior, interiors, history, artistic image and activities of the mosque project, to analyze the mosque samples, as well as to form our own opinion by comparing it with the most modern examples in the world.

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