Ethanol Production with Natural Carbon Sources Using Saccharomycessp

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Nisha J., P. Vidya


Bioethanolisthe most commonly used biofuel to minimize emission of green house gases. When compared to other micro organisms, yeast especially Saccharomycescereviceae is the common microbe used in ethanol production because of its high productivity, tolerance and ability to fermenta wide range of sugar. Ethanol produced by yeast has wide applications so it becomes important to look out economical and feasible method to increase the production of alcohol. Carbon being the most important medium component, as it is energy source for the microorganisms it is important to use the readily available cheaper carbon source for the production within short duration. Different fruit juices honey, dates syrup and molasses were used as natural carbon sources and the effects ofco-factors on alcohol production by Saccharomycessp. were studied. Higher protein concentration effects production of alcohol. Yeast cells exhibits higher ethanol production when high percentage of carbohydrate is provided but higher sugar concentration has inhibitory effects on yield of ethanol.

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