Mucormycosis a Dreadful Coinfection with Covid 19

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Dr. Anuradha Ganesan, Dr. M. Subha, Dr. Gautham Kumar N., Dr. H. Krishnan


Covid 19, the global pandemic of the century in its second wave had shown its bad face with another dreaded infection. Initially, treating Covid 19 itself was a challenge to the physicians. After the autopsy study by Laura Falasca et al in Italy it threw light on the management which is accepted and followed till date globally. In spite of handling the infection effectively, the immunocompromised state or diabetic comorbidity in these covid patients had invited the fungal infection mucormycosis. This happens in otherwise healthy patients who after getting infected with covid become immunocompromised. A long stay in intensive care unit, use of ventilator or steroid therapy is considered the possible cause of the disease. Both the infections have few parallel relation; the route of entry nasal or oral and the pathogenesis which is angioinvasion followed by thrombus formation and ischemia. Identifying the early signs of mucormycosis providing appropriate management is as essential as identifying and treating covid itself. This article is focused on the etiopathogenesis, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and management of Mucormycosis. Any delay in treatment of mucormycosis would cause permanent disfigurement to the patient or may be fatal too.  

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