Fauna and Ecological Groups of Hydrabionts of the Miyankol-Khatirchi Main Canal in the Middle Reaches of the Zarafshan River.

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Boymurodov X. T., Yunusov X. B., Xadjaeva N. J., Davronov B. O.


22 species of hydrobionts were studied in the Miyankol-Khatirchi main canal.The hydrochemical composition of aquatic ecosystems leads to certain changes in the distribution, density, shells, mass and internal organs of hydrobionts.The canal was divided into 6 ecological groups depending on the habitat of the hydrobionts. we found that 8 types of peloreophiles accounted for 36%, 2 types of rheophiles for 9%, 1 type of crenophiles for 4,5%, 10 types of phytophiles for 46%, and 1 type of fetoreophiles for 4,5%.

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