Differential Equations of Convective Mass and Heat Exchange in Drying Korakul Leathers in Helio Dryer Tertiary Similarity

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Abduganieva Shahnoza Zayirkulovna, Abduganiev Zayirkul, Musurmonov Azzam Turdievich


The article considers the mass transfer from one phase to another through the surface of the separating phases during the drying of korakulleathers, sticking to the skin drying rack (frame, hairy hygroscopic fabric, hard straps, springs, the hairs are directed opposite each other from the center), the amount of a molecule of a dispersed substance passing through a thermodynamically equilibrium state in a compressed drying system,i.e., the resulting component flow, due to which the physicochemical properties of the phases are different, in which case the concentrations of the equilibrium distributed components in the phases are different,that is () to be balanced (concentration functions of equilibria).

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